At Fitness No Time in Sion


Management couldn’t afford to install air conditioning, so they opted for a Climext misting system to ensure optimum comfort for their customers by guaranteeing a lower temperature, optimum humidity and safeguarding the safety of their electronic equipment.

  • Date: 12 April 2018
  • Customer: Fitness No Time
  • Type: Temperature control
Testimonial from the Fitness manager:
Since the installation of the misting system, the temperature has been evenly reduced by 12°C and the level of relative humidity has been brought under control..
We have also made significant savings thanks to the low water and electricity consumption of our facilities.

For less than 60 francs a month, we ensure the comfort of our subscribers with a reliable, economical and ecological product, which is our competitive advantage!


Explanation of the solution implemented:

In line with the customer’s specific requirements, Brumisty proposed a high-pressure misting system with a 3l/min motor and 36 nozzles to refresh and purify the air over the entire fitness area as well as in the communal areas (changing rooms, rest area).


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